What module creates in back office?

Minimal order value from categories during its installation process installs database and associates module with positions (hooks) in prestashop. It also installs override (in prestashop 1.6.x only). Below you can find detailed information about installation procedure, what module does and what parts of installation are required.

Database installation

module creates new tables in shop's database (sql): 

  • mobc
    This is main database of module where module stores information about conditions:
    - unique id
    - id of category
    - id of shop (multistore support)
    - value of minimal purchase 
    - tax (included or excluded)

This table is required. Without it - you will not have possibility to manage list of created conditions, create new instances of "conditions" etc. Simply saying - module will not work at all.

Hook Associations

Depending on version of your prestashop module associates itself with positions listed below the picture. You can manage associations with positions in shop's back office under design > positions page (prestashop 1.7) or under modules > positions (in PrestaShop 1.6).

  • PrestaShop 1.7
    • displayPaymentTop
    • displayShoppingCart
    • displayHeader
  • PrestaShop 1.6
    • actionCartSave
    • displayHeader

All of these positions are required. Our module to create "minimal purchase value from categories" will not work correctly if it will not be associated with all of them. The rest of hooks are requried for module appearance in your shop's front office and also its workflow in shop's back office.


In PrestaShop 1.6 module created override of:

- OrderOpcController

- OrderControlller

Controllers' overrides are not applicable in prestashop 1.7, module in this version of prestashop works without overrides.


Where to manage module in shop's back office? 

Module has own configuration page available on modules manager page (modules > modules).But it does not have configuration options related to module workflow. You can check for module updates there only. 

minimal order value by category


Main feature of the module gives possibility to setup minimal purchase value from categories. To create and manage these 'minimal purchase value' conditions you will need to go to catalog > category conditions section.

condition minimal category purchase value